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Whats good World? Im Reckless from Gilroy, CA. I'm signed to Devilish Ways Recordings and CEO of Hustle Hard Entertainment. Started in 2007 and still going Strong.
A few 101 note worthy things about me are that im: a Starving Artist, Rapper, Graphic Designer, Movie Buff, Musician & Anime Freak! anything else you want to know ask & I'll also post random facts about myself and document many things about myself, daily life and my music. Feel free to follow & enjoy.



Volt Tackle - Tacleada de Voltios - ボルテッカー (Borutekkā)

Accuracy: 100

Power: 120

Category: Physical

Volt Tackle is a damage-dealing Electric type move introduced in Gen 3 and it’s the signature move of Pichu, Pikachu and Raichu.

When this attack hits, the user receives recoil damage equal to 1/3 of the damage done to the target. This move also have a 10% chance of Paralyzing the opponent.

The only way for Pichu to hatch knowing Volt Tackle is for one of the parents to hold a Light Ball.